September 7, 2007

In case you haven't noticed, I don't update this blog anymore. I now blog at almost every other day so go there for your Daniel Kwan fix.

July 4, 2007


I haven't posted anything for months and I apologize for that. I'm able to bring myself to apologize because nobody reads this blog anyway, so I'm actually apologizing to nobody! Ha!

Today I'm writing about time. More specifically, clients' inability to understand the concept of time. Things take time. Do I really need to say more? Apparently so because clients just don't get it! But I can't say more! Can I?

For you to look non-fugly, I have to reconstruct your entire face and body in each and every photo and it not only takes will power, it takes time! There is no "Shrink Nose" brush or "Create Breasts" filter. It all has to be done manually by an individual more talented than you!

No. I can't say any of that. And since no one reads my blog, I'm not worried about clients reading this.

And of course they also don't understand that time equals money. The more time it takes to do something, the more money it requires. "I only get two photos?!" Yes because you take forever to edit! Unless you pay more or s[BLEEEEEEEP]k. But nooo they wouldn't understand that editing 20 photos takes nine times longer than editing two photos, and therefore justifiably costs eight times more. I bet you don't get it either, you noob.

I have no solution to this problem other than don't try to make money from something that takes longer than it pays. In other words, as always, don't become a photographer.

But really, being a photographer is a walk in the park compared to being a videographer. Since everyone wants to be a photographer, I thought about getting more into video. After editing a few videos I swear I absolutely hate it! You have no idea how much it sucks to be the guy having to make cool videos until you've tried it.

Imagine listening to the same song repeatedly. That's not the bad part. In fact it can be pleasant. Now imagine listening to a couple seconds of that music repeatedly, over and over, and over again until you've placed two seconds of video in the just right place. And now do that for the rest of the video. In case you haven't figured it out, it's annoying and it takes forever.

It gets worse but videography is beyond the scope of this post. Just trust me: video editing will drive you insane! Most videos I edited took well over eight hours, and none of them run longer than five minutes! And they suck!

StudioMTN MikeHave you ever wondered why StudioMTN Mike looks like a teenager even though he's in his mid-20s? It's because he edits videos. He edits lots of videos. Why does he drink when he shoots video? Because he knows that he'll have to edit it later.

When you pay for a videographer, you're not paying for the editing. You're paying to feed his children after he inevitably kills himself. When you hire Mike, think about his children. Take my advice. Don't become a videographer.

By the way, happy Independence Day!

March 28, 2007

Why shoot RAW?

I did a shoot a couple months back. Normally I'd shoot JPEG files, but this time I decided to try using the RAW file format.

Ever since digital single-lens reflex cameras came about, photographers and hobbyists have been fascinated with the camera's ability to shoot in the RAW format. This advanced image format allows the photographer to adjust exposure, white balance, and other stuff after the photo has been shot and loaded into the computer. So how come most pros shoot JPEG and noobs shoot RAW?

Because noobs have no life, that's why. Shooting a picture in RAW format is like using up an entire roll of toilet paper just to wipe your butt once. RAW files eat up valuable resources to produce the same results as a JPEG files.

Let's compare.

JPEG / 8-bit / 2 MB

RAW / 12-bit / 2 TB

On my PowerMac G5, a 2 MB JPEG file takes about a second to load in Photoshop. Maybe 2 seconds. Sometimes 3, but let's say 2. And let's say I run a Photoshop Action that takes up 4 seconds, so the total is 6 seconds. So if I'm batch processing 200 JPEG files at 6 seconds per file, it'll take 20 minutes to finish. I can take a lunch break during that time.

I did a shoot with RAW files, so I decided to take a vacation. By the time I'm back in the United States, the 200 files should be almost finished.